‘There You Are!’

I really like finding things. Whether it be finding something I have lost or finding something I didn’t know I needed or finding something I really did need but didn’t know where to look.

This year, I have a very big assignment that requires me to put together a portfolio that showcases my best work. It needs to be professional. It needs to be suitable for use in a job application. It needs to be a little piece of myself.

I have until the end of the year to put all of these requirements into a bound book.

No pressure.

I have been collecting the photographs I will use. I have been completing the required Costing Sheets and explanations for each of the photographs. I have not been creating something perfect to display it all in.

But! But the other morning on the train to class, I was reading an article and stumbled across the loveliest of lovely ideas. Oh! Goodness gracious – so very, very relieved indeedy!

I really like finding things.



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