“It had taken her until yesterday to figure out Allie’s system of organizing flowers. The cooler was not arranged by availability or popularity of flowers, or even by color, but by what the flowers were supposed to represent. She knew that once, bouquets had been sent as a messeage, not just as ornaments of beauty. When Mia had first become interested in floral arrangement, she had been fascinated by this philosophy. Evidently, Allie was fascinated as well. She’d bunched the flowers with positive qualities on the left side of the cooler, those with negative connotations on the right. So jasmine and lilac and camellias and passionflowers – representing grace, first love, perfection, and faith – were gathered togther in serviceable black florist’s buckets. Acanthus, crocuses, thorn apples, and peonies were bunched in dishonor on the other side, signifying artifice, abuse, deciet, and shame.

It almost made Mia afraid to open the right door of the cooler, for fear that all the evil would seep into the world, like it had from Pandora’s box.”


Jodi Picoult.


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