The End.

Oh so dramatic!

Not really.

I read a lot. As a result, I am irritatingly pedantic about punctuation. Recently though, I have begun to discover that I have an increasing distaste for the very common, yet very effective, full stop.

On beginning to actually make use of my mobile phone and creating a Gmail as well as a Facebook account, I have noticed how abrupt and flat a full stop usually makes someones message sound.

It is usually horrible.

Thinking about it, I probably seem like I’m constantly completely hysterical at the receiver of my messages as I am forever replacing full stops with exclamation marks in an effort to avoid the finality a full stop creates.

I don’t know? Maybe I should stop reading into things…?




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3 Responses to The End.

  1. Jackyson says:

    Punctuation is for cool kids! Keep using it properly; nobody else our ages does.

  2. Catherine says:

    It’s because you want to express an air of positivity in the message! About how happy you are! Or how great you want people to think you are! I don’t know! It might be a disease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Heypepito says:

    I always wondered why you were yelling at me in all of your text messages =D

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