“Wait For Me”

This morning I woke up and instead of going about usual weekday routine, I chose to make myself a truly lovely cup of English Breakfast tea, curl up on the couch and remove myself from everything.

As it was Saturday morning, all the children that live in my street started to seep out their homes and enjoy the Sun’s last feeble attempts at providing warmth. It was when the youngest of the children cried “wait for me,” I realised it seems I have been left behind.

Everyone seems to be moving.


I always imagined my life would become ridiculously fast paced on completion of the HSC. For a while now I have worked on developing my ‘To-Do’ list but instead I’m currently ‘temporarily out-of-order.’ My progress is very slow – almost at a stand-still and it’s very depressing.

When the youngest of the children cried “wait for me,” all the other children rolled their eyes at her inability to keep up but nevertheless turned around and made sure that she was able to catch up to them. Made sure that she caught her breath before they continued to play. Made sure that she was traveling okay. Maybe they were just making sure that they wouldn’t get in trouble from their parents quietly keeping a watchful eye on them. I don’t know?

But I want to scream “wait for me!”

I’ve learnt it’s not always that simple.



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3 Responses to “Wait For Me”

  1. Catherine says:

    You’re feeling left behind because you’re focusing on everyone else and not yourself!!! Stop looking around and think about what will make YOU happy. You are a young, beautiful and talented lady who has everything going for her!

    Remember – you can do anything and you’re only young once – make it count 🙂


    – C x

    • Hello lovely!

      I stumbled across my inspiration for my next post and found my reply to your comment in the same article – Rules Of The Roald written by Daniel Evans in issue 35 of Frankie


      There are no two-partners here. Yours must be a life story without a sequel. If you wanted a saga, you should have chosen Tolkien or Rowling or VC Andrews. Life in Dahl World is best served without a “Previously on…”. Nobody is lining up to make a movie about Charlie and his adventures in the Great Glass Elevator. Why? Because it sucked.

  2. Nick says:

    Hey Sam, nice post. Well, not nice in a happy sense, but yeah. You know, life does get more busy the older you get (from my experience). I still miss those days when I had just finished school and there were no real responsibilities.

    Do what you need/want to do before you get married and have a full time job and stuff, because things get harder from then on. Having said that though, things actually get better from then on, but it’s a different kind of good than when you’re young. I’d say just live according to the stage of life that you’re in, if that makes sense.

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