These Are The Days

After a horrible weekend spent trying and miserably failing to bully my brain to focus on my frighteningly large pile of work, I gave up, made myself a lovely mug of hot chocolate and got a much needed good nights rest.

Today, I avoided the bitter cold weather and once again attempted to make my assignments worth the paper they were to be written on.

After far too many hours looking at a computer screen, burying myself in ridiculously large books, my dads cheese toasties and countless cups of tea, I have finally finished the first half of my work. As for the second half, I have been unable to access the silly Online Learning Student Login but thankfully it has been recovered as of sometime this afternoon so it looks like the next few days will be spent munching my way through the uploaded tasks.

I thought about how I would celebrate my little feat but considering the weather outside I decided to remain indoors like every good hermit and begin to properly introduce you to my little universe!

Hope you are having a lovely week,



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2 Responses to These Are The Days

  1. Totally not Jackson says:

    Ohhhhhhh this is YOUR blog.

    Love it!

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