The Language of Flowers

“Allie knew the language of flowers – the idea that every bloom stands for some quality of human nature. Bouquets sent from the shop for the arrival of a baby were stuffed with daises, for innocence, and moss, for maternal love. Valentine’s arrangements had roses, of course, but also lilies for purity, heliotrope for devotion, and forget-me-nots for true love. To Cam, she often sent designs that were full of messages she knew he could not understand. She eyed her latest work critically, nodding over the tulips which made up the bulk of the piece. In Persia, a man would give his betrothed to show that as red as the flower was, he was on fire with love; as black as its center, his heart was smoldering like a coal.

She filled out the vase with Michaelmas daises, China asters, and fire thorn. And then, as she always did for Cam’s arrangements, she added as many sprigs of purple clover as she could without making the lines of the flowers seem overblown. Clover, which simply meant, Think of me.”


Jodi Picoult.


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3 Responses to The Language of Flowers

  1. Is this you blog, Sam?

    If so – joy!

    Much love to you, I adore J. Picoult 🙂

    • It very well is indeed my lovely 😀
      I have a slight obsession with her book ‘Mercy’ which is much to quickly turning into a problem 😛 Lol!!
      Love you very, very, very, very much xx.

  2. Heypepito says:

    What up pumpkin head? just subscribing to your blogo =D

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